Nr. 18 - Proceedings of the 3rd German Human Factors Summer School

Dez./2021, MMI Interaktiv

Stefan Brandenburg (TU Berlin)
Lewis Chuang (Technische Universität Chemnitz)
Martin Baumann (Universität Ulm)

    A. Schrank:
    Enhancing the Teleoperator’s Situation Awareness by Human-Centered HMI Design

    A. Rörig:
    Ethnographic approaches to ethically challenging counseling issues in the care of mutation carriers at increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer

    L. Kölmel & L. Kluy:
    The role of external agents and different goal criteria in the context of task allocation in human-robot collaboration

    V. Hoth:
    UX Design for Data Privacy Protection

    A. Markus:
    Designing Human-AI Interfaces to support in customer services

    N. v. Kalkreuth:
    In apps we trust

    L. Prislan:
    How to foster sustainable behavior in consumer technology?

    F. Grün:
    How physicians nonverbally affect the Doctor-Patient-Relationship in telemedicine settings

    C. Rüger:
    The triad of ergonomics, technology and domain expertise - can we lower the practical barriers for cooperation in academic research?

    F. Zermiani:
    Is a wandering mind always a distracted mind? Identifying the costs and benefits of mind wandering in learning contexts

    T. Schrills & T. Franke:
    Do Users Understand AI as Good as They Think? Experiencing Information Processing Awareness in Intelligent Medical Systems

    K. Jungnickel:
    Development of a modular questionnaire for assessing Customer Experience

Komplette Ausgabe der MMI-Interaktiv, Nr. 18, 12/2021