Nr. 14 - Proceedings of the 3rd Berlin Summer School Human Factors 2019

Sept/17, MMI Interaktiv

Gastherausgeber: Stefan Brandenburg (TU Berlin), Lewis Chuang (MPI Tübingen) Martin Baumann (Universität Ulm)


    Editorial: Connecting researchers for pushing an interdisciplinary research field

    Applications of Eye-Tracking for user state recognition and adaptive content manipulation in Virtual Environments

    Comfort of Aircraft Cabins: Multidimensional Scaling, Explorative Interviews and Questionnaire Studies at the Hamburg Airport

    Phases of laparoscopic learning: How cognitive processes influence technical skill acquisition throughout the learning curve.

    The neurophysiology behind driver states in a complex, simulator-based traffic environment

    Human-Computer Interaction and Online Users' Trust and Distrust

    Auditory warnings for steering environments

    Learnability of fully-automated driving

    Superiority of the external focus is mediated by the functionality of the movement effect

    Analysis of Driver Actions in Highly Automated Driving

    Risky behavior of vulnerable road users (VRUs) in traffic

    Peoples' Affect and the Movement of their Body

    DriveGOMS - A task based approach to driver modelling

    Understanding Ambiguous Effects of Multimodal Feedback on Situation Awareness and Task Performance Using Bayes Sense Integration

    Usability in kleinen Softwareunternehmen verankern: Evaluation und Weiterentwicklung eines Vorgehensmodells

Komplette Ausgabe der MMI-Interaktiv, Nr. 14, 9/2019