Nr. 16 - Proceedings of the 1st German Human Factors Summer School

August 01st to 02nd 2019, Okt./2019, MMI Interaktiv

Martin Baumann (Universität Ulm)
Franziska Babel (Universität Ulm)
Stefan Brandenburg (TU Berlin)
Anna K. Trapp (TU Berlin)
Lewis Chuang (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität)

    Dr. Hueseyin Avsar, Dr. Fabian Utesch, Anna Schieben, Dr. Caroline Schiessl :
    Communication Methods of Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic Environments

    Franziska Babel:
    Negotiation strategies for autonomous home assistance robots

    Annika Boos:
    Compliance and Cooperation in Human-Automation-Systems

    Janik Dostert:
    Strategies of Motivating Assistance System Design in Industrial Production

    Felix A. Dreger, Gerhard Rinkenauer:
    A cognitive task analysis for cut-to-length harvester operators: A first approach to identify inter-individual performance differences

    Sandra Epple:
    Driver-Initiated Take-Over-Behavior in Critical Braking Maneuvers in Automated Driving

    Mirjam Lanzer:
    A mixed methods approach for assessing pedestrian behaviour

    Hügli D.: Human-automation interaction during cabin baggage screening at airport security checkpoints

    Andrea Mueller:
    Development of Methodological Guidelines For Wizard Of OZ Studies In The Context Of Autonomous Driving

    Ochs, C.: Human computer interaction

    Fabienne Roche:
    How do drivers take over in critical evasion situations in highly automated driving?

    Friederice Schröder:
    It has something to do with Kafka and his balance... Or: The Influence Of Affects On Body Tilt

    Jan Silberer:
    Promoting Technology Acceptance in People with Low Commitment

Komplette Ausgabe der MMI-Interaktiv, Nr. 16, 10/2019